Choosing Adoption for Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

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An unplanned pregnancy at any stage of life can be surprising and brings a host of decisions upon the birth mother. The factors driving the choices and decisions placed upon a teenage birth mother are different, she has more to consider. While teenage birth mothers have more to consider, they still have several choices and options for their unplanned pregnancy. Birth mothers may decide to become a young parent or they may choose adoption for their child. Either choice has its benefits and challenges, knowing these aspects can help birth mothers decide which is best for them.

Parenting & Teen Pregnancy

Parenting is a challenge for all moms, especially new moms. Teen birth mothers also have other unique challenges they will face as a new parent. These new challenges can be overwhelming to birth mothers and hard to manage. Young women with unplanned pregnancies should consider these special challenges below while deciding to raise their child or place for adoption.

Teenage Birthmother’s Unique Challenges:

  • Can you afford medical care for yourself during pregnancy?
  • Do you have the family and birth father support you need?
  • WIll you be able to continue in school?
  • Will you be able to maintain a job? How will you afford to take care of your child?
  • Who will provide childcare for your baby while you are in school or working?
  • How will you provide medical care for your child?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice your social life and personal goals to be a parent?

When these circumstances do not seem feasible or manageable for birth mothers, adoption is another choice that they may make.

Adoption & Teen Pregnancy

Some birth mothers may feel that adoption is a better choice for their child and themselves. The choice of adoption is a selfless act of love for a birth mother that is not ready to be a parent or not capable of caring for their child. The world of adoption has evolved over time empowering birth mothers who make their own decisions while choosing the life they want for their child.

After careful consideration of all factors and circumstances involved with an unplanned pregnancy, selecting adoption is just a first step. The adoption process is lengthy and involved, varying state by state. Working with an adoption professional is highly encouraged to help you navigate the process. Regardless of the adoption type that is selected, there are several benefits for birth mothers to consider.

Benefits of Adoption for Teenage Birthmothers:

  1. CHOICE – The biggest benefit of adoption is the freedom of choice. You have the freedom to choose how this adoption will go. Together, with an adoption professional, an adoption plan is made based on your wishes and goals for this adoption.
  2. EDUCATION – Adoption will allow you to finish school and pursue a successful career to be able to financially support yourself and family if you so choose down the road.
  3. CONTACT & COMMUNICATION – You can still have communication and contact with your child if you would like to. You can select an “Open” or “Semi-Open” adoption. Placing your child for adoption does not have to be the end of your relationship with your child.
  4. SOCIAL – Becoming a parent is a huge sacrifice on a birthmother’s social life. Newborns demand a lot of time and energy, leaving very little room for anything else. Teenagers usually have robust social lives that help them grow and learn as individuals. Choosing adoption prevents teenagers with unplanned pregnancies from missing out on these important milestones.

Learn more about adoption and the possibilities that it provides with A Birthmother’s Choice.

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