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Birthmothers love usAre you pregnant and need help? Are you considering an adoption? Are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy?

A Birthmother’s Choice can help with an adoption. Since 1999 we have helped over 2,500 pregnant women do an adoption. We can help you understand the adoption process so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your baby. An adoption can be a loving fix.

If you are pregnant, need help and are thinking about an adoption, we can help!

A Birthmother’s Choice understands adoption and will work hard for you. We have been adoption professionals for many years and have helped many women in their unplanned pregnancies…just like you.

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Adoption is such a blessing the in the lives of so many. Being adopted allowed me the opportunity to grow up in a wonderful stable home with two loving parents. With my parents not being able to have children on their own, this allowed them an opportunity to have a family of their own. Some birth mothers may not be in the ideal situation for raising a child, adoption can give these mothers a way to give their children the best possible chance at a happy and successful life. Adoption opens doors and allows opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. It truly can change lives for the better and allows for increased quality of life and happy families.

The reason why I thought and new adoption was gonna be a good decision. Was because I new that I had to think for nora . And I new deep down she wasn’t meant to be mine to keep but she was meant for Eric and bethany.  I didn’t really know it then but now looking back I new this was the best most hardiest decision I’ve ever made . But it also gave me joy  happiness and feelings I never thought I had . It hurt especially leaving her . But I couldn’t really think for me. I had to think and know for her . And she’s 2 years old looking beautiful and healthy.  And I thank the two most wonderful parents who are taking care of her .  They’ve showed me that no matter where the kid comes from what mother or father the kid cones from they will love and cherish that kid like their own no matter what color.

Sarah and Flossie have been such angels in helping us becoming parents through 2 different adoptions.
Bedtime for our boys is always filled with stories of their birth mom’s act of love. Teddy (3yrs) loves hearing about the day he was born.
My, Ross, Teddy and Washington
Flossie helped us every step of the way from the time we matched with our birth mom until we brought our sweet girl home. We cannot imagine life without our daughter and we are forever grateful to Flossie and our amazing birth mom for our little family!
Courtney, Eric and Hanna
“We are so thankful for the support of our caseworker, Flossie! She helped our family throughout the adoption process but even more, she walked alongside our daughter’s birth mom and helped her with each step. It was so comforting to know that she had that extra support!
We can’t begin to describe how much sweet Annette has blessed our lives! She isn’t the only one we added to our family though, we have continued a relationship with her birth mom and share photos and conversation weekly!”
Brian, Bekah, Bennett, Wyatt and Annette
My Adoption Experience Was Amazing!
I Chose A Wonderful Family Who Kept Communication Open My Entire Pregnancy, Through Phone Calls And Face To Face Visits. I Felt Like The Family Whom Adopted My Baby Also Adopted Me As Well. I Chose Open Adoption However You Can Chose To Keep It Closed.
By Choosing Adoption I Was Able To Give My Baby Financial Stability Which I Would Not Have Been Able To. Honestly I Have Nothing Negative To Say About My Adoption Experience.
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Our Team

As a mother of 2 adopted daughters, Bethany honors your sacrifice. She answers the phones to help you feel at ease when you start the adoption process.

From adopted siblings to an adopted daughter, adoption is a big part of Flossie’s life.  She works with women looking to create their own adoption plan.

Sarah is a mother and adoptive sister, she speaks both languages ​​English and Spanish. She works hard helping immigrant women find a loving family for their babies they wish to put up for adoption, while also supporting the children they already have.

Scotia is a young mother of 2. She helps women early in their pregnancy as they make the choice of whether to do adoption.

se habla espanol