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we can help you understand different adoption typesSince 1999 we have helped over 2,500 birthmothers find just the right adoptive family for their baby.

An open or a closed adoption is important decision for a birthmother who is considering an adoption. Do you want to have contact with your baby after the adoption (an open adoption)? Or maybe you do not want any contact after the adoption is complete (a closed adoption)? Or perhaps a mixed adoption would be the best thing for you (a combination of open and closed adoption)?

There is no wrong answer and the choice is yours…with A Birthmother’s Choice! Our caseworkers will help you decide what kind of contact you want with the couple adopting your baby. They can explain open versus closed adoptions, and what a mixed adoption means.

Many of the birth mothers we work with chose an open adoption rather than losing their baby to the Department of Social Services. With an open adoption you can keep up with your baby as he/she grows up with pictures, letters and more.

Most adoptions are a mix of both…and you can decide what is the most comfortable to you. Here are some common choices.

Before the baby is born:

  • No contact at all. No one knows who the other person is.
  • Phone contact only. You and your caseworker can decide when and how often.
  • Visits. You and the couple might want to get to know each other before the baby is born or at delivery.

After the adoption is finished:

  • No contact at all.
  • Pictures and letters. The couple can occasionally send information to update you about the baby’s growth.
  • Phone contact. Many couples allow for ongoing contact over the phone or text.
  • Visits. Some adopting couples arrange visits once or twice a year.

Before the adoption, you can decide how much contact you want. After the adoption, the adopting couple decides how much contact is allowed.

A Birthmother’s Choice will listen to your desires and will match you with an adopting couples that want the same thing. We always let you make the choice you feel most comfortable with.

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