Teen Pregnancy and Adoption

Adoption is a great choice for a teenager faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

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An unplanned pregnancy can scary and a difficult situation for a teenage girl. Fortunately, there are options. One of the best solutions for an unexpected teenage pregnancy is the loving gift of adoption.

I messed up and got pregnant!

A young woman who finds themselves with an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy can have a lot of thoughts going through her head:

  • My parents are going to kill because I got knocked up!
  • I need someone to talk to because I don’t know anything about being pregnant.
  • What are my friends going to think if I show up pregnant at school?
  • What can I do about this unplanned pregnancy?
Adoption can be a solution for an unplanned teenage pregnancy.

There are several options that a pregnant teenager has. Here are the various benefits of an adoption for a pregnant teen girl:

  • Knowing that she has placed the baby in a loving, forever home.
  • Having the ability to being a part of the child’s life in the future with an open adoption.
  • Being able to choose the adoptive parents.
  • Relocating to another state during the pregnancy, with all bills, housing and expenses paid.
  • Having a supportive case worker to partner with the pregnant teenager during the pregnancy.
  • Ensuring complete discretion for the teenager and her family.

In the end, a teenager faced with an unwanted pregnancy has options…and an adoption is a great choice!

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