Choose a Loving Couple to Adopt Your Baby

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Are you looking for a loving, financially secure couple to raise your baby? At A Birthmother’s Choice, we have lots of families waiting to adopt and to take care of you during pregnancy. We check out all potential couples to make sure they will be good parents. We will listen very carefully to your desires and we will help you find just the right adoptive couple. You will feel comfortable that your baby will be in loving hands.

We will help you find an adoptive couple that will:

  • Support you financially during the adoption, providing money for medical bills, rent, food and more.*
  • Make sure you are taken care of during your pregnancy with good doctors, a safe home, and all expenses paid.
  • Help you get back on your feet after the pregnancy, by providing expense money for several months after the adoption process.*
  • Provide your child with a loving home, a good education, and financial security.

We have lots of adoptive parents and will help you get the financial support you need.

Here is an example of one of our adoptive couples:

Kevin and Jessica

Kevin and Jessica have always dreamed of having a second child, but have not been able to do per medical issues. They are eager to be good parents to a new child, providing a loving and safe home to raise the child. They both have good jobs, a strong educational background, and are active leaders in their community. Choosing them to be parents of your child would be making their dreams come true!

Job Descriptions: Kevin is a Software Engineer, Jessica is Registered Medical Assistant/ Future Stay-at-Home Mom

Education: Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree, Jessica studied Health Care

Children: 3 year old daughter, Suzanne

Favorite Foods: Donuts and Tacos

Favorite Movies: “Coming to America” and “Schindler’s List”

They want to teach their children: To love themselves, love God, love others, and love life.

* Living expenses and other financial help can be provided, but is dependent on the laws of the state where you give birth. We can help you make a plan to receive money to help you during your pregnancy.

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