Adoption Money for Pregnancy Bills

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Are pregnant and need money? Can you get “paid” for giving up your baby for adoption? Do you get money for adoption?

The short answer is no. But you can receive financial help during the adoption process. This includes money for housing, utilities, food and medical bills. It might also include additional cash assistance for other expenses during the pregnancy. And in most situations, it will include money for a couple of months after the pregnancy.

We make sure that the pregnant women who do an adoption with us do not go hungry, that they have free housing and that their medical and utility bills are paid for with financial assistance.

Money for adoption can help easy the financial burdens a birthmother may be be going through.

How much adoption money depends on the state laws of where the baby is delivered.

These laws are complicated and confusing. A Birthmother’s Choice can help you figure this out and get the most money you need for living expenses. One of our caseworkers will give you all the information, so you can make a smart choice. Give us a call today!

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