Requirements for Placing a Child Up for Adoption

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How Adoption is Possible Regardless of Your Circumstances

Whether a planned or unplanned pregnancy, some birth mothers may not be ready to be a parent. These women are considering adoption and need to know what requirements they will face in this process. Are there certain age requirements? Does the birth father have to give consent? What if there are difficult circumstances with the birth mother? There could be several factors that lead to the choice of adoption including; unstable home life, unstable financially & history of drugs and/or alcohol.

Can Anyone Choose Adoption for Their Child?

Yes! Adoption is a selfless choice for any birth mother who is not ready or able to be a parent for any number of reasons.

Can Birth Mothers be Any Age?

There are no age requirements for choosing adoption for your child. Young birth mothers may not be ready or stable enough to be a parent at this time in their lives. Older birth mothers who are stable may feel pressure to keep their child, even if they do not feel like being a parent is the right choice for them.

Birth mothers have the right to choose adoption for their child at any age and at any stage of their lives. The decision to place a child for adoption is the birth mothers.

Do You Need the Birthfather’s Permission?

Many birth mothers are concerned that they will not be able to choose adoption because of special circumstances with the birth father. They can pursue an adoption plan no matter the relationship between them and the birth father.

Each state’s law in regards to birth fathers varies. Adoption counselors will work with you to help navigate your state’s laws and any concerns with the birth father you may have.

Choosing Adoption with Difficult Circumstances

Birth mothers may worry that they will not meet qualifications for adoption because of difficult circumstances at home with their family or themselves. A Birthmother’s Choice works with women and their unplanned pregnancies regardless of their circumstances.

Unstable Homelife and/ or Lack of Support

If a birthmother’s current living situation is not suitable for her pregnancy, she can get support through organizations like A Birthmother’s Choice. Housing assistance is available to those who choose adoption and are homeless or lack family support.

Unstable Financially

In many cases financial support is also available to birth mothers especially for medical expenses. Adoptive families help to cover medical costs associated with the pregnancy.

History of Drugs and/ or Alcohol

Past or current substance abuse does not hinder your ability to place your child for adoption. A healthy substance free lifestyle is encouraged for the safety of the birth mother as well as the child. An adoption counselor can help to provide resources to get you on a better track.

Adoption is an option for everyone, regardless of age and living situation. If you feel that adoption is the right choice for you and your baby, A Birthmother’s Choice is here to help you on your journey.

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