Unplanned Pregnancy Coping Tips

An unplanned pregnancy can come with a jolt of mixed emotions. Not everyone’s response to a positive pregnancy test will be the same. Some birth mothers may feel: excited, nervous, scared, worried, anxious and overwhelmed, or a mix of all of these. But for some women and young girls with unplanned pregnancies that are not ready to be a parent, it can be hard to cope with the stress and difficult decisions ahead.

Coming to terms with the pregnancy and the choices that come with it is a start to managing the wave of emotions. Practicing self care and building a support system will be vital to the rest of a birth mother’s journey. Once these other building blocks are in place, researching options and choices will ultimately determine what the birth mother decides to do. Support and help is available to all birth mothers.

Coming to Terms with Pregnancy

Denial is hard to overcome. It may take 2,3,4 pregnancy tests to come to terms that it in fact is positive, there is a pregnancy. Some women may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their unplanned pregnancy and choose to hide it. Pregnancy can not be hidden for long, and it is best to reach out to a loved one or even a family doctor to get the care and information needed in the days ahead. For women and young girls who are in difficult circumstances and are without a trusted safety net, there are agencies that can help them. A Birthmother’s Choice supports and helps birth mothers with their unplanned pregnancies.

Self Care & Support System

It is never too early in pregnancy to focus more on selfcare. Eating a healthy balanced diet for mom and for baby is just as important as prenatal health visits and screenings. If currently using drugs and alcohol, it is highly encouraged to stop for the health of the baby.

Support systems help women and their overall mental mental health during their pregnancy. It is a good idea to establish a support system early on. Support systems will look different for everyone. They can be the birth father, family members, friends, the family doctor, church community, or an adoption agency that is helping you along your journey. There is no wrong or right way to create a support network, it depends on what is needed and what works best for the birth mother.

Research Pregnancy Options

There are several options for women with unplanned pregnancies. It is important to learn as much as you can about your various options. Women should speak with their doctors and care providers about the choices available to them, their personal health situations, and ask as many questions as they need to be able to make a confident choice for their circumstances. For women who feel they may not ready or capable of raising a child, adoption help is available to them with a variety of resources. The process of putting a child up for adoption today is vastly different then it used to be. Birth mothers have the power to choose what is best for them and their baby. There are different types of adoptions (open, closed, semi-open) available that accommodate most of the birthmothers’ wishes.

Ask for Help With Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Support is available for all birth mothers; adoption agencies can be a great resource. Adoption counselors at these agencies can help answer questions and provide various resources to help women make the difficult decisions they are now faced with. Many agencies can also help find support for housing & utilities, medical bills and legal counseling.

Birth mothers are not alone. Support and guidance are readily available to help you on your journey.

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