Why do Families Choose Adoption?

Choosing to adopt a child is a deeply personal choice. The truth is, there is no one reason a family chooses to adopt. Every family is different and every family has different reasons to choose adoption. Birth mothers who are considering adoption for their child may benefit from knowing why an adoptive family has chosen to adopt. Knowing the various circumstances and motivations that lead families to adopt can help birth mothers determine if placing their child for adoption is the right choice.

Most Common Reasons Families Choose to Adopt

While every family’s reasons to adopt are different, these are some of the common reasons families choose to adopt:

Infertility issues

Many women try for years to get pregnant the natural way and are unsuccessful. They may have also tried infertility treatments like IUI and IVF without success. For these women, adoption is their chance at caring for a child and becoming a mother.

Health Risks

There are a few different health factors that couples take into consideration when choosing to have their own biological child or to adopt.

Pregnancy Unsafe for the Mother

Some women have severe and/ or chronic illnesses that can make pregnancy too risky for them and their own health. Their bodies may simply not be able to support the pregnancy they long for.

Genetic Disorders & Diseases

The couple may have genetic disorders or diseases they do not wish to carry down to the child. These disorders may be life threatening or they may alter the child’s quality of life greatly. In these circumstances, a couple may feel that adoption is a safer, less risky choice for a healthy child.

Single & Wanting a Family

Another scenario that is common for adoptive parents is the desire to be a parent, start a family and care for a child without a partner. Individuals may be at a point in their lives where family is the next step, but they do not have a partner to take that step with them. With adoption as a choice, the absence of a partner does not have to hold them back from their dream to be a parent.

Is Adoption the Right Choice for Me & My Child?

No one can tell you if adoption is the right choice for you. Placing your child for adoption is a lifelong choice that should only be made after thorough research and careful consideration. There are many benefits to placing your child for adoption when you feel you are not ready or able to be a parent. Having the comfort of knowing that your child will be well cared for, loved and provided for can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Adoptive families are qualified after extensive background checks and are thoroughly vetted. There are different types of adoption that will allow as little or as much communication and contact with your child as you would like.

Work with an adoption agency to answer your questions and guide you through this process. If you would like to know more about the adoption process A Birthmother’s Choice can help.

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